The parent toddler program is a mini session or set of mini sessions that comprise of outdoor and indoor activities, snacks time and interaction within facilitators, parents and teachers. This program gives the parents and the toddler an exposure to the preschool environment.

The program is targeted for the age group of 1.5 years to 3 years and comprises of single or multiple sessions of short durations. They are designed so as to offer convenience to working parents too. The group of parents along with their toddlers enjoys various preschool games and activities. This gives great joy to kids as they can interact with other children with their parents participating in the play. Parents can also satisfy their curiosity and learn about the activities of their kid.

The activities are various and interesting. Kids can explore cooking by preparing simple kitchen recipes, they can mess up and enjoy paints and colors and they can sing and dance to many tunes along with the parents. Games and activities include educational toys and creative activities like modeling clay, glass staining, block printing and other activities.

Teachers or facilitators help to initiate activities and parents and toddlers are expected to carry them forward. Children are encouraged to participate and interact with each other and parents actively support them and participate to boost them. The activities are planned as per the duration of the session; however, there is no restriction or compulsion on nay of the activities. The kids can enjoy the activity in the way they wish to.

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