It is a well known fact that the mental development of a child during the years 0-5 is of crucial importance. Parents do play a significant role during this time but there is also a requirement of professionals to step in and boost the development process. The Early Years Foundation Stage or EYFS curriculum planning takes into account the challenges faced by the child, parents and teaching professionals. It makes available information that is gleaned from various sources to make it easier for the child to get to the next stage of learning and most importantly get ready for school. We are Preschool consultant in India for eyfs curriculum development and early years (EYFS) lesson plans and ideas.

Early intervention principles

The curriculum planning is done based on early intervention principles. It recognizes the fact that teaching professionals should work with parents to achieve the best outcomes. The EYFS has already set standards related to learning, development as well as care of children in the age group 0-5 years and expects all schools to follow these standards. Children centers are also expected to follow these standards so that robust building blocks are created towards early intervention.

Two programs like the Healthy Child Program and the Family Nurse Partnership Program are critical to the success of this early intervention initiative.

Integrated approach of EYFS

It is however the integrated approach towards early learning and development that gives EYFS the edge over others. Teaching professionals are provided with an established set of principles so that they can deliver quality education. Parents benefit as they can rest assured their children will get the benefit of standardized statutory commitments from any school they choose that follows the EYFS framework.

Under the EYFS framework, staff: child qualifying ratios are clearly defined. The staff who has completed level 3 Early Years Educator qualification is also expected to have completed the level 2 qualification in the subjects of Mathematics and English. Contact us if you are planning The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum for your preschool / playschool or daycare in India.

Similarly, all those who qualify for the early years workforce with either a level 2 or level 3 must also hold a comprehensive or emergency certificate in PFA or Pediatric First Aid training.

What is the learning curriculum under EYFS?

The focus is on 3 important areas such as:

•         Development on the social, personal and emotional fronts
•         Language skills and fluency in communication
•         Physical development.

The above 3 areas then feed into another 4 specific learning areas as under:

•           Literacy
•           Mathematics
•           World understanding
•           Expressive arts and design

The above 7 areas are further divided such that they form 17 aspects that the child must work on through the year. The objective is to reach the Early Learning Goal for each of the aspects and represents the culmination of the development and learning for that particular aspect. The assessment of the child’s progress is done based on how many Early Learning Goals the child has managed to reach during the year. We offer development and eyfs planning sheets for nursery in India.

Through the year, parents and teaching staff are fully aware of the learning goals to be achieved and work towards their achievement with common zeal.

We are Preschool curriculum consultants offering UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum planning in India.

We can help you provide integrated curriculum for primary schools in India.

In India, preschool constitutes the age group of 3-6 years and primary school is considered to be around age group of 6-8 years. It has been globally acknowledged that children of the age group of 6-8 years are more or less in the same developmental stage and share similar needs as those of the preschool age group. Thus the idea of developing an integrated curriculum for the preschool and primary school with appropriate learning and activity based methodology has been accepted. The Montessori preschool curriculum and the curriculum for primary schools in India can be integrated in this aspect.

This integration helps to maintain continuity for individually paced learning and helps the children to adjust to the new environment during the transition from preschool to primary school. Primary education marks the beginning of formal education. Incorporating aspects of child based curriculum along with relevant theoretical foundations helps to involve the kids as active learners. The integrated curriculum focuses on this active participation where the child learns from events and activities and contributes through positive responses.

The National Curriculum Framework of 2005 and the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act of 2010 insist on reframing the perspectives in teacher education along the lines of integrated curriculum for this learning curve. The Twelfth Five Year Plan Working Group on Elementary Education in India has also recommended the age group of 4-8 years as an integrated learning unit. India also possesses the diversity where children from varied social categories, marginalized communities and situations attend the school and it is essential that they should be comfortable in the learning environment.

As a result, the NCTE has also designed a teacher training course for the integrated education group to fulfill these expectations. We are educare consultants and work on integrated curriculum design.

We are education consultants and provide services to design and implement day wise curriculum for preschools in India.

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Preschool is the first step that children take into the education world. At a tender age, there is a lot that they have to learn, understand and in addition to this they gradually learn to get accustomed to the school and class routine. Preschool curriculum becomes very significant at this stage. To facilitate this learning process, several preschools are coming up with the unique concept of day wise curriculum.

Educationists today believe in methodologies that create confident individuals and contribute to the overall development than concentrating on rote learning. The day wise curriculum is being implemented in preschools in India as well. The day wise curriculum provides the flexibility of disseminating information in a systematic manner. A proper framework is designed with the activities planned in day wise schedule. These day plans include activities as per the age of the child. Expert advice and opinion is taken into consideration for this planning.

The schedule is planned with time allotted for activities that the kids enjoy. These include various solo and interactive activities like coloring, scribbling, puzzles, and games that develop motor skills and so on. Days are also scheduled for celebrations of festivals, cultural and co-curricular activities. Physical activities and outdoor games are also included. However, unlike the usual curriculum plan, this method goes with a day wise approach. It ensures that the teachers connect well with the kids and the children and also comfortable and not forced into a time table. Teachers are trained specially for this type of curriculum.

The day wise schedule can be a bit flexible when the kids are new. This helps them to enjoy the routine and they get to love the school and learn through fun. The schedule can then be put into place with variations that are sufficient enough to keep up their interest.

We provide expertise to develop IB based assessment patterns and documentation for your preschool.

World Class International Preschool Curriculum now in India !

The international schools preferably adopt the IB or International Baccalaureate program for school kids. For preschool, the IB inspired curriculum focuses on various aspects of the development of children. The syllabus is usually trans-disciplinary as well as inter-disciplinary. The subjects taught and the topics covered ensure that the children turn out to be competent and complete individuals when they pass out from the school. This preparation starts from the preschool years itself. IB encourages flexibility in teaching methods and also has provisions to include international content that responds to local requirements and interests. International preschools in India are seen to be affiliating this curriculum.

The IB inspired preschool curriculum sets the foundation for the IB Primary Years Program (PYP). PYP is focused on the general knowledge, day to day challenges in life combined with the application of sound practice in classroom sessions supported by appropriate methods of assignment. The PYP curriculum is relevant and challenging for the 3-12 year olds. You can contact us for assistance to develop curriculum based on the IB PYP curriculum. We assist you design the curriculum including the schedules, planners, learning goals, worksheets and handouts.

The IB teaching and learning at the preschool level that is based on the IB curriculum considers kids to be innovative and curious thinkers and is framed to quench the thirst of exploring various avenues. Socio-cultural and interactive skills are also a significant part of the syllabus. This learning process takes place through play, conversation and interactive activities. Parents are also actively involved into the implementation of the curriculum as they constitute an important part of the child’s education.

International preschools in India adopt the IB based curriculum that prepares the kids for the next level of school that leads to the affiliation of the IB program. The IB curriculum focuses on addressing the academic, social and emotional well being of the kids. Students are taught to take efforts to understand and explore knowledge that makes them independent and responsible in their lives. The curriculum considers personal values to be the foundation. We are education consultants and provide services to implement IB based curriculum in preschools. We help you develop inquiry based curriculum that includes best practices from IB, Reggio and other Intelligence Models.

The curriculum is motivating with patriotic events, annual day celebration, festive days, which are pre-planned in the expressive calendar, that is diligently followed by the schools. Recognition of shapes, colors as well as including selective rhymes and poems is certainly a part of the curriculum.

Helping children with their activities, several play way methods are also used to add focus to their interest. Sand play, water play as well as puzzles or special field trips are organized to develop their esteem and improve their team spirit.

Exploring various multiple intelligences, it is possible to help children learn about various themes and aspects without any compulsion.


Milestones are so very important for growing children. Keeping this in mind, we offer the best Junior Kindergarten Curriculum that is structured to improve their skills further. This includes various activities pertaining to daily worksheets, letter recognition, early literacy sheets and also art cut outs that have educational value. Music and reports of other activities are also included in the monthly letter to all parents. The comprehensive program makes it easy for facilitators to add innovative learning plans. Progress reports are also part of the program represented by our experts.

An interesting pattern and lesson plan is designed for the Playgroup Curriculum. The introductory lessons and games aided with teaching aids are explained in the syllabus. This includes a monthly timetable, a special nursery rhyme folder, scribble pads, activity sheets and educational report of class performance and sample art cutouts. The scope for 10 festival plans as well as toy catalogue used for rendering motor and physical skills is also listed in the elaborate curriculum. Reports and remarks about the child’s progress is also well featured in the formal annual report card designed by us.

Our expert curriculum designer team have innovative talents that has enabled in structuring the curriculum that includes several activities and reports. A detailed plan is expressed in the monthly letter meant for parents which includes several information about class lessons, toy catalogue, activity worksheets, music ,sample art cut outs and 10 festival plans. The importance of an interactive approach stimulates little children and helps them cope with various social skills to promote independent expressions. Annual report card is also an innovative approach designed by us.

Preschool Curriculum India.

International style best Preschool kindergarten curriculum and Playgroup Curriculum ideas from our team of experts.


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Activities for preschool can be fun, interesting and with the right touch of our culture, much can be done to improve their base. It is interesting to note that preschool lessons can include various ideas that will promote a child’s motor skills. This can be done with coloring, sticking and also block building. An enthusiastic curriculum indicates a lot of scope for improving the child’s concentration and fondness for schooling. The activities are based on a range of allied concepts that include speech, music and also dance.

For a new preschool, much can be done with the help of a curriculum planner who is skilled at this profession. The activities are interesting and once the concepts are cleared it can be projected at a higher level. During a preschool activity, the fun element must be high. This ensures children love the program and are willing to participate in any novel concept. The lessons for the week or the month have to be planned as per the central theme. This can be done term wise too.

In case the planning is based on the concepts of animals. This will add value to their skills in recognizing a particular animal. Domestic or wild animals can later be identified by them. Cut outs and flash cards must be utilized. A chart making activity is enjoyed by them in a very enthusiastic manner. They can bring a picture of their favorite animal or bird and a chart making activity can be done as a group effort. Perhaps, a song with cries of animals can be scheduled in the next class.

Children are very fond of physical activity. This ensures that they use their right skills and laso learn a sense of direction through movement. Group effort programs like scribbling or coloring is also very much loved by them. Stacking blocks or beads are also a part of the lesson plan which is enjoyed by them.


The syllabus for the preschool is certainly a huge challenge as more focus is now given to imparting education at a basic level in the easiest form. With the competition from so many playschools, it becomes more important to create a novel syllabus along with worksheets that truly brings the correct depth and information to influence small children. Parents too are keen on a focused curriculum, which is global and has the right elements and concepts about our culture.

The worksheets for preschool can be done with the basic concepts like numbers, counting, coloring and shapes. Every month the lesson plan can include a particular theme. In case a concept has to be included like water or nature, one can have more novel ideas with dress-up days and involve a rich content that is very alluring. Teaching is an art and with the proper induction and training, teachers can add more life to the worksheets.

Several themes like Earth Day or Saving Trees can be done in the syllabi. This can be supported with a Fancy dress competition or simple chart making. Involving caregivers in the same will also bring more support to the reinforcement wherein children learn the right concepts to save trees or know about ways to keep their locality clean. The syllabus can also include words and vocabulary at the later terms when children are ready to speak and articulate.

The syllabus can also include a chapter on flowers, seeds, planting and a field trip to a local garden can create more emphasis. Hence, a confluence of various forms has to be integrated with the curriculum in many ways. Audio CD’s as well as skits as videos say a lot about values. The teachers too can enact concepts based on good manners or cleanliness, which is loved by children.

Preschool is when children are at a budding stage. They are also anxious about their surroundings and there are many new things that take them to the development stage. Also, they are very emotional as they are suddenly adjusting to a new routine. Hence, a good syllabus will certainly make them feel confident and provide them a lot of attraction. One major part of syllabi is a variety in all aspects. With the richness of our Indian culture, it is possible to have so many special days for our students. Preschool curriculum can have lot of cultural days and traditional festivals to make it interesting for children.

A lesson plan can ideally prove to be helpful at the preschool curriculum and will give it a lot of focus. A structured curriculum can also include weekly observance of interesting concepts as per the lesson plan for the month. This can be a cooking feat or playing outdoors. Based on the same, numbers and colors can be taught. It is so very important to let children take their own time in learning things and hence a very rigid time frame will not be ideal. All children love the idea of participation.  Hence, the idea of a group scenario must be created via games or learning so that children understand the importance of team spirit.

Dance and Drama are also chief aspects of a curriculum. This can be integrated along with the main plan or lessons. These way children learn about several aspects pertaining to manners, discipline, routine studies and co-operation. The games are very important for children. This helps them be carefree and develops team spirit and cooperation. They understand the importance of unity. Board games and simple indoor games like passing the hat can be a wonderful way to build confidence in the child.

Planning for a curriculum for preschool is a meticulous effort. It is wonderful to include interesting assignments in your preschool planning and that comes with the marvelous task of curriculum planning. Though there are several concepts available, there is a lot of scope is applying those that are apt as per the situation and style. You can hire the expert ideas of a person who understands a good curriculum and makes it easy for all the teachers with the help of training. Adequate training and guidance can make it easy for the staff to impart training to little children.

Planning the curriculum is a meticulous task. First there can be term based plans taking into account a streamlined lesson plan for the week. There should be scope for planning for the teaching staff too so that it can be modified and well arranged. Understanding the modern methods of teaching methods is also necessary. This facilitates ease and communication to children is simplified. In addition, the main part about curriculum is reinforcement, which can happen with flash cards, role-plays as well as pictures or charts.

Planning is subject to review. The curriculum must have a fresh concept, which is possible only with the help of a review process. Parent meetings and staff meeting when conducted regularly will show various insights that will help you work out areas, which are still under the scope of improvement. A global concept is preferred which can be done with various teaching aids and an interactive platform. Music and movement must have an important role in this process.

Planning is a phased manner is also plausible. Most options are available when the curriculum is reviewed. An established preschool also helps in the giving more novelty to the syllabi with the help of previous experience. This facilitates scope for improvement.