We provide expertise to develop IB based assessment patterns and documentation for your preschool.

World Class International Preschool Curriculum now in India !

The international schools preferably adopt the IB or International Baccalaureate program for school kids. For preschool, the IB inspired curriculum focuses on various aspects of the development of children. The syllabus is usually trans-disciplinary as well as inter-disciplinary. The subjects taught and the topics covered ensure that the children turn out to be competent and complete individuals when they pass out from the school. This preparation starts from the preschool years itself. IB encourages flexibility in teaching methods and also has provisions to include international content that responds to local requirements and interests. International preschools in India are seen to be affiliating this curriculum.

The IB inspired preschool curriculum sets the foundation for the IB Primary Years Program (PYP). PYP is focused on the general knowledge, day to day challenges in life combined with the application of sound practice in classroom sessions supported by appropriate methods of assignment. The PYP curriculum is relevant and challenging for the 3-12 year olds. You can contact us for assistance to develop curriculum based on the IB PYP curriculum. We assist you design the curriculum including the schedules, planners, learning goals, worksheets and handouts.

The IB teaching and learning at the preschool level that is based on the IB curriculum considers kids to be innovative and curious thinkers and is framed to quench the thirst of exploring various avenues. Socio-cultural and interactive skills are also a significant part of the syllabus. This learning process takes place through play, conversation and interactive activities. Parents are also actively involved into the implementation of the curriculum as they constitute an important part of the child’s education.

International preschools in India adopt the IB based curriculum that prepares the kids for the next level of school that leads to the affiliation of the IB program. The IB curriculum focuses on addressing the academic, social and emotional well being of the kids. Students are taught to take efforts to understand and explore knowledge that makes them independent and responsible in their lives. The curriculum considers personal values to be the foundation. We are education consultants and provide services to implement IB based curriculum in preschools. We help you develop inquiry based curriculum that includes best practices from IB, Reggio and other Intelligence Models.