International preschool curriculum India ?

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Observing Indian tradition and including a global approach, the concepts are efficiently delivered by facilitators who are trained in various capacities. Including abacus scrolls, charts as well as intelligent teaching aids, the curriculum is disseminated in a select way. It is great to find that the preschool lessons also include a global aspect and this is seen in the correct mode of pronunciation and direction of a particular theme or topic.

Adding reading lessons, phonics as well as dance and movement, the curriculum is enriched with new modalities that is efficient and delightful for a child to seek and gain knowledge. The play way concept is well explored here. Social skills and communication are also the key concepts in the syllabus.

Promoting confidence and independence in children, the preschool activities are also centered about a monthly theme or concept. This works well for all children and they are able to achieve the milestones. Coloring pages, art and craft as well as origami classes are conducted to motivate children to improve their hand-eye coordination. In short, the approach is friendly, simple and done with a lot of effort to help students gain knowledge.

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