Varied concepts evoke reasons when related with a preschool curriculum. The subjects are simplified with proper academic research and this is the main reason why children enjoy kindergarten days in their preschools. Giving direction to children and also promoting a direct approach in relating themes, the curriculum is efficient and very promising. Confidence is also suitably built with concepts like group coloring, dabbing as well as chart making.

Word building activities, storytelling and puppet shows are also some ways to improve their linguistic ability. It is encouraging for children to learn number skills in a fun oriented way so that they are able to imbibe the skills in a very simple format.

Social skills are a necessity and the interesting curriculum surely promotes team building. Children relate with each other in a group effect and that forms an essential part of learning. Activities like stacking, coloring, word forming as well as phonics are some of the ways that the child opens up with their group and teachers.