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As the importance of education is spreading far and wide in India, starting a New Montessori School has turned into a lucrative business opportunity. The Montessori curriculum model of teaching provides a real life learning experience to the tiny tots and nowadays it is aided with the use of modern technology. If you are planning to invest your time, money and efforts to set up this business in India, there are a few things that you need to consider:

Capital: Like any other business, Montessori school business also requires a decent investment. You need to arrange for the funds or approach the banks for the loan. The amount varies on the extent of your business. This investment covers various factors like land, infrastructure, staff, business plan, and other subsequent requirements.

Business Location: You can hire land or a ready to use site for your school. The area and structure depends on your budget and business plans. If you plan to hire on lease, you need to take care of the terms of the agreement. Before finalizing the site, it is advisable to study the norms that are laid by the education department of India and the municipal council of your city. The next step is the design of the construction and the play space. While planning the building, you can consider spaces like library, classrooms, and activity areas and so on. The stair case and corridors should be safe for kids.

Infrastructure: This includes classrooms, library, play equipments, and other arrangements. You need to ensure that you follow the guidelines to make safety arrangements, fire alarms, fire extinguishers and others to ensure the safety of kids. The toys and other equipments should also be safe for kids.

Staff and schedule: You need to study the Montessori curriculum in India and have an academic plan well in place and accordingly appoint trained and qualified teachers for your school.

Documentation: Once you are ready with everything in place, you need to work on the approval from the concerned education officials.

You are then all set to market your brand and Montessori pre-primary curriculum in and around your locality.

We are education consultants and provide services to design and implement day wise curriculum for preschools in India.

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Preschool is the first step that children take into the education world. At a tender age, there is a lot that they have to learn, understand and in addition to this they gradually learn to get accustomed to the school and class routine. Preschool curriculum becomes very significant at this stage. To facilitate this learning process, several preschools are coming up with the unique concept of day wise curriculum.

Educationists today believe in methodologies that create confident individuals and contribute to the overall development than concentrating on rote learning. The day wise curriculum is being implemented in preschools in India as well. The day wise curriculum provides the flexibility of disseminating information in a systematic manner. A proper framework is designed with the activities planned in day wise schedule. These day plans include activities as per the age of the child. Expert advice and opinion is taken into consideration for this planning.

The schedule is planned with time allotted for activities that the kids enjoy. These include various solo and interactive activities like coloring, scribbling, puzzles, and games that develop motor skills and so on. Days are also scheduled for celebrations of festivals, cultural and co-curricular activities. Physical activities and outdoor games are also included. However, unlike the usual curriculum plan, this method goes with a day wise approach. It ensures that the teachers connect well with the kids and the children and also comfortable and not forced into a time table. Teachers are trained specially for this type of curriculum.

The day wise schedule can be a bit flexible when the kids are new. This helps them to enjoy the routine and they get to love the school and learn through fun. The schedule can then be put into place with variations that are sufficient enough to keep up their interest.