The mother toddler program curriculum varies as designed by each play school. However, one aspect is similar. Though the duration of the program is short, the games and activities are planned with a very informal approach.

The program is intended for the age group of 10 months to 2 years. Therefore the activities are designed based on the age of the kids. The generic classification of the activities can be described broadly as follows:

Games and activities: Various games like arranging blocks, jigsaw puzzles, stacking rings, sorting shapes, clay modeling are selected. These types of games help to develop the motor and coordination skills of the kids. Mothers can observe and play these games with the children. They understand the perception and interest of the child and can also channelize it accordingly.

Music and Art: Singing, dancing, recitation and drama helps children to express themselves and also to interact with other children. It brings up the confidence level of the child. In case of drawing and painting, children are allowed to paint and draw their imagination and fantasies. This gives them the freedom of expression.

Outdoor Games: Gymnastics, sandpit, sports constitute outdoor games. Children can let out their energy and mothers can let go their kids.

The curriculum also encourages mothers to actually participate in several games. This increases the bonding and mothers can carry this further at home too. Drama, poems and rhymes can be carried home in takeaways that the play schools hand over to moms. Mothers can thus understand the play world of their kid and accordingly initiate activities at home.

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