Activities for preschool can be fun, interesting and with the right touch of our culture, much can be done to improve their base. It is interesting to note that preschool lessons can include various ideas that will promote a child’s motor skills. This can be done with coloring, sticking and also block building. An enthusiastic curriculum indicates a lot of scope for improving the child’s concentration and fondness for schooling. The activities are based on a range of allied concepts that include speech, music and also dance.

For a new preschool, much can be done with the help of a curriculum planner who is skilled at this profession. The activities are interesting and once the concepts are cleared it can be projected at a higher level. During a preschool activity, the fun element must be high. This ensures children love the program and are willing to participate in any novel concept. The lessons for the week or the month have to be planned as per the central theme. This can be done term wise too.

In case the planning is based on the concepts of animals. This will add value to their skills in recognizing a particular animal. Domestic or wild animals can later be identified by them. Cut outs and flash cards must be utilized. A chart making activity is enjoyed by them in a very enthusiastic manner. They can bring a picture of their favorite animal or bird and a chart making activity can be done as a group effort. Perhaps, a song with cries of animals can be scheduled in the next class.

Children are very fond of physical activity. This ensures that they use their right skills and laso learn a sense of direction through movement. Group effort programs like scribbling or coloring is also very much loved by them. Stacking blocks or beads are also a part of the lesson plan which is enjoyed by them.


The syllabus for the preschool is certainly a huge challenge as more focus is now given to imparting education at a basic level in the easiest form. With the competition from so many playschools, it becomes more important to create a novel syllabus along with worksheets that truly brings the correct depth and information to influence small children. Parents too are keen on a focused curriculum, which is global and has the right elements and concepts about our culture.

The worksheets for preschool can be done with the basic concepts like numbers, counting, coloring and shapes. Every month the lesson plan can include a particular theme. In case a concept has to be included like water or nature, one can have more novel ideas with dress-up days and involve a rich content that is very alluring. Teaching is an art and with the proper induction and training, teachers can add more life to the worksheets.

Several themes like Earth Day or Saving Trees can be done in the syllabi. This can be supported with a Fancy dress competition or simple chart making. Involving caregivers in the same will also bring more support to the reinforcement wherein children learn the right concepts to save trees or know about ways to keep their locality clean. The syllabus can also include words and vocabulary at the later terms when children are ready to speak and articulate.

The syllabus can also include a chapter on flowers, seeds, planting and a field trip to a local garden can create more emphasis. Hence, a confluence of various forms has to be integrated with the curriculum in many ways. Audio CD’s as well as skits as videos say a lot about values. The teachers too can enact concepts based on good manners or cleanliness, which is loved by children.