The primary requirement while starting a school is finance, space and the necessary legal approvals. Starting a school in India is certainly a profitable business. Plus the contribution towards education is a very enriching experience. If you are looking for opening a school, you can contact us as we offer expert school consultancy services in India. We help in the set up of the organization and planning of the organizational structure as well as guiding you with the infrastructure. We have experts in our panel who will help you with the same. We have a large experience in this field and we will discuss the floor plan as well as financial aspect of starting a school.


If you are looking for starting a school in India, you can talk to us. We can meet up at a convenient time and discuss the formalities. It is so very essential to understand the fine print while starting a preschool as the legal obligations must be understood clearly. The most important factor is allocation of space, which includes spacious classrooms, playground, swimming pool or any other special infrastructure like a special podium for performing arts or a separate section for PTA meets. We will give you all the details about how to open a school in India. We will inspect the space and offer you tips on advertisement and marketing.

We shall also let you know the teaching staff and strength you will need for starting a cbse school. The details in the list also entail disaster management provisions and security aspects for a school. Finance and investment is the most important focus, which is also discussed in our meetings. Initially this calls for a lot of investment in staff, space, décor as well as staff but later this can reap the benefits with well-managed finance and income provision. We will also do a feasibility study of your proposal and suggest changes in the same. The new age modern concepts also include several activity centers as seen in the icse school or igcse board school or international school in India. We will also guide you on how you can sell the space after school hours to other academies like dance, yoga and earn income accordingly. We offer break even policies so that you achieve your target soon.

We are Mumbai based School Consultants to start a school in India​​. We would like to explore the opportunities of starting a school along with your inputs and formally put up our suggestions. Our consultation charges are reasonable and we offer business service to many other schools. With the economy supporting, education is also a great way to enhance business models and you can benefit from our opinion and assessment. We have experts in every field and we will also connect you with our dealers for classroom furniture and gym equipment. We have a team of professionals like an interior decorator who will advise you about various models and new ideas in the field of innovative classrooms, which makes learning interesting for students.